New Backflow Devices Installed

Backflow Devices

Do you have a pool or tank with a backflow device? Bones Plumbing and Roofing can test your device to ensure you meet council annual backflow testing requirements including submitting compliance forms to council. In addition, we can repair existing or install new backflow devices.

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Clear Blocked Drain Sunshine Coast

Blocked Sewer Drains

Blocked sewers or overflowing waste normally occur when there is a blockage within the drain, or the drain has collapsed on itself.

The primary cause of blocked drains in older properties is tree roots entering the pipes and seeking out moisture. In newer homes, common sources of blockages include women’s sanitary pads, paper towels and even certain types of thicker toilet paper.

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Sunshine Coast Drainage (2)


Bones Plumbing & Roofing can assess your drainage needs and advice on the best solution, either with a soakage trench or extra plumbing to move water away from problem areas.

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Sunshine Coast Garbage Disposal Units

Garbage Disposal Units

InSinkErator® (Garbage Disposal Unit). (GDU) is a food waste disposer. These are the perfect complement to a modern kitchen and the busy Australian lifestyle. With the kitchen becoming the entertaining hub of our homes, a quick and easy way to dispose of food waste represents the ideal kitchen solution. With a food waste disposer, food scraps are conveniently and hygienically deposited down the sink, ground into fine particles and flushed safely into the sewage system, eliminating the need for food waste bins and nasty food smells.

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Gas Safe Plumbers

Gas Fitting

Only licensed gas fitters employed at Bones Plumbing and Roofing will repair or replace your gas fittings.

We’ll repair gas leaks and install gas appliances and piping with total safety of your premises in mind.

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Gutter Cleaning


Bones plumbing & Roofing have specialist gutter vacuum equipment to deal with any gutter cleaning situation. We can also inspect your gutters with our high reach gutter camera.

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Electric Hot Water

Hot Water Systems

We repair or supply and install solar, electric, gas and heat pump hot water systems to domestic and commercial properties. We specialise in recommending the appropriate hot water system for your situation. We always remove and dispose of the old hot water unit.

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Sunshine Coast Maintenance Plumbing

Maintenance Plumbing

We cover all aspects of maintenance plumbing, leaking taps, toilets, pipes repair and replacement for private and commercial clients. Our services also extend to local council and government agencies. 

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Sunshine Coast Make Safe

Make Safe

Making your roof safe after storm events or water inundation. We can pressure test your plumbing for any internal leaks or leaks to shower recesses.

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Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks and Pumps

Bones Plumbing and Roofing are the ideal plumbers for your rainwater tank installation. We are qualified, licensed, experienced and insured so that you get the best solution at your property.

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Sunshine Coast Renovations


Bones Plumbing and Roofing can advise you on the best plumbing solution for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation. We will project manage the renovation or work with other trades to rough-in and fit out all required plumbing.

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Roof And Gutter

Roof and Gutter

One of our specialties is the repair or replacement of metal roofs, gutters and downpipes. The type of repairs we perform include replace rusted gutters or metal sheets, re-screw the metal roof, fix roof leaks, insert poly-carbonate sheets for extra light, install sky-lights, replace downpipes, and clean gutters using a gutter vacuum.

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Roof Cleaning Sunshine Coast

ROof Cleaning

Bones Plumbing & roofing have the latest equipment to clean both Metal & Tile Roofs. If required we can treat areas with a mould removal solution.

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Sunshine Coast Stormwater

Stormwater Drainage

If you have any stormwater problems we able to find out exactly what the problem is and then provide effective, practical solutions to fix it. From clearing a blocked drain to installing a new stormwater drainage system, we can do it all.

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Sunshine Coast Taps


Bones Plumbing & Roofing can recommend the best tapware to suit your situation, we are then able to supply and install. If your Tapware requires maintenance we have a highly skilled team of plumbers who can deal with any situation.

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New Toilet Installed

Toilet Repair or Replacement

Bones Plumbing and Roofing also repair or replace any toilet or tap that might be leaking or broken and will reduce your loss of water.

If you are replacing your toilet we can recommend the best fit toilet for the room and your budget, supply water efficient cisterns and provide Water-wise certificates where applicable.

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Repairing Water Leak Under Concrete

Water Leaks

Our specialised electronic leak detection equipment enables us to locate and repair any water leak in the ground, in walls or under concrete.

We use colour video cameras and pipe locators to pinpoint the exact spot before starting to dig or cut a surface. Once the damage has been located, the pipe is repaired properly so that no further leaks will occur.

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Sunshine Coast Water Wise Audits

Water Wise Audits

If you’re an investment property owner and require a Waterwise certificate, we will conduct an audit of all plumbing fixtures including taps, showerheads, toilet cisterns, etc. We will also advise if any fixtures need to be replaced, provide a quote and complete the work. Then once compliance is confirmed a WELS certificate will be issued.

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